Sarika – Dangerous Blonde

Sarika is a beautiful blonde from Russia that we know you are going to love. She has big breasts, multiple piercings and tattoos, which hint at her naughty side. And what a naughty side it is! Sarika has an obsession with high heels and loves to wear them in bed for a bit of extra kink. Sarika tells us that she likes to drag her heels up and down her lovers backs as they satisfy her desires in bed. When she’s not entertaining lovers, Sarika enjoys working out at the gym and traveling to beaches with crystal clear blue water. — RUSSIA, 37/24/36, BLOND, European

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Anya Ivy – Crimson Peak

Anya Ivy is a beautiful model that we found dancing in Los Angeles, CA. Her energy, spirit and exotic looks are enchanting and we had to have her for our very own, so that we could give her to you! Interesting fact, Anya is actually a professional executive assistant by trade! She has a 9-5 job working for a big CEO, but she gets off stripping on stage every night after hours. When she isn’t taking dictation or straddling a pole, Anya loves cooking and inviting friends over for movie nights. We know you are going to love Anya so show her some love! — UNITED STATES, 34/24/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Black

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2 new VirtuaGirl cards

When Anya Ivy feels naughty there is no stopping her! This ebony beauty came into the studio with the look of desire in her eyes and we knew she was going to put on a show stopper of a performance. Wearing all red, she took to the stage and owned it, putting on one of the sexiest striptease performances we have ever captured on camera.

Sarika looks stunning in her see-through black fishnet top and tight denim shorts. The look in her eyes tells you how bad she wants sex, as she gyrates her hips across the stage. Let Sarika eat you up, as she slowly takes it all off in a private show that was made for you.

e0311 Anya Ivy/Crimson Peak
e0320 Sarika/Dangerous Blonde

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Viola's dress on eBay

We miss Xmas so we thought you’d be happy to get this super sexy dress worn by Viola, among others !


Good luck!


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Mia Sollis & Vanda Lust remastered

Mia Sollis - Dusting Off and Vanda Lust - Snowdrop have been remastered with an optimized color calibration and post production treatment. They are now available in 720p, 1080p and 3K resolutions.

The model’s performance remains unchanged but the color quality of the clips have been greatly enhanced and you can now enjoy them in 3K on top of the previously available 720p and 1080p.

To update their clips, locate their cards in your collection in the software and click on the update button!  (click on Synchronize with servers in advanced settings first if you don’t see the update button)

We  only select the best cards from the recent past to be remastered and the new post production render is really amazing. See by yourself reading the other members comment below.

And if you don’t have them yet, rush on, you won’t be disappointed!

a1507 Mia Sollis/Dusting Off 
a1450 Vanda Lust/Snowdrop/


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3 new VirtuaGirl cards

If you like hot babes with curves in all the right places, be sure to check out Abby Cross as she takes the stage this week. Abby is as sweet as Texas honey so you are in for a real treat as she slowly strips out of her white corset.

Sapphira A is ready to give you the real girlfriend experience this week. Dressed in her favorite little black dress, this is what she would wear out to dinner and the theater with you. Then see for yourself the show she would put on for you in private when you take her home!

Tania R is ready to show you her pink! Her beautiful breasts are ready to take center stage as she shakes and shimmies them before showing you how delicious her honey pot is.

e0325 Abby Cross/Texas Honey
e0336 Sapphira A/Black Sapphire
e0346 Tania R/Show Me Pink!

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Abby Cross – Texas Honey

The hottest women in America can be found in Las Vegas, so it’s no surprise that Abby Cross calls the city home. Abby is 26 years old and she is one of the coolest chicks we have ever worked with. Abby is always down for a good time and she has this natural ability to flirt with everyone. Of course this makes her private dances some of the best around. Abby gets off knowing you are watching her strip and enjoying every curve of her body. She loves to play dress up and role play for her fans and she still answers all of her fan mail personally. Abby tells us she likes to include a little perfume with her responses so her fans know what she smells like while she’s getting naked on stage. — UNITED STATES, 34/24/32, BLOND, European

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Sapphira A – Black Sapphire

Sapphira A is wild at heart! At 21 years old she has already traveled the world, gone skydiving and participated in an endurance race. Sapphira loves the rush that a good adventure gives her and she tells us she gets that same rush from stripping. Sapphira loves to be wanted sexually and she gets a charge from turning people on. We know you are going to enjoy all the performances she gives as she makes her VirtuaGirl debut! — SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic), 32/25.8/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Tania R – Show Me Pink!

Tania R is ready to make her Virtua Girl debut. She comes to us from the Ukraine but she has shaken her ass all around the world! Tania is one fun loving babe. She is always laughing and loves to smile, which is why she learns a dirty word in the native language of every country that she visits. Tania also prides herself on her extensive dirty joke collection and she tells them at every opportunity she gets. So for a good time, download Tania R’s performance today! — UKRAINE, 33/24/35, FAIR, European

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Naomi – Crimson Cracker

Naomi is a 22 year old beauty from Kiev, Ukraine. She is a petite little diva with tiny tits, a flat belly and beautiful slender feet. Naomi was studying to be a trapeze artist when a friend got her a job waiting tables at a gentlemen’s club. Requests soon started coming in to see Naomi on stage, so she gave it a try one night and the rest is history. Naomi has always been athletic and active and she tells us being petite allowed her to excel at trapeze. She also likes that her size allows her lovers to move her around in bed! Naomi still loves “to fly” as she calls her trapeze skills and she would love one day to have her own burlesque trapeze road show. — UKRAINE, 34/23.4/35, FAIR, European

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1 new VirtuaGirl card

Redheaded Naomi loves accentuating her scarlet-blonde coloring with bright ruby red lipstick and her favorite heartbeat red bikini when she first meets her audience. It’s the fastest way for her to show you that she is ready to outshine every other girl of your dreams to becomes your favorite muse, and a mainstay in your collection for years to come!

e0374 Naomi/Crimson Cracker

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Blake Eden – Bond Girl

Porn Star Blake Eden has joined our team so get ready to get off! With her long legs, perky tits, shaved pussy and hedonistic attitude, Blake is ready to turn you on. When we asked Blake what her interests are she responded with sex, sex and sex. Blake finds human sexuality fascinating and she is currently exploring hers to the fullest. From BDSM clubs to strip clubs, underground parties and popular dating apps, Blake rocks them all. She plans to go back to college later in life to study human sexuality, while bringing all her real life experience to the table as he works towards earning a Ph.D. Her ultimate goal is to teach sexuality classes on the college level, but for now Blake is happy performing for her fans. — UNITED STATES, 32/22.9/32, BLOND, European

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Izzy – Magnificent Monarch

Izzy is a beautiful blonde that is relatively new to stripping. One night she went out with a bunch of friends to a strip club and after receiving her first lap dance she knew she wanted to be that beautiful babe in control, on stage and turning the entire room on. As it turns out, Izzy was a classically trained dancer growing up so she felt very comfortable dancing and moving her body around on stage. The very next night she went back, auditioned and got the job! Now she is here dancing for you. When she isn’t on stage, Izzy is a self proclaimed home body. She enjoys cooking and spending weekends snuggled in bed with a good book and a lover or two! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 32/26/35, BLOND, European

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2 new VirtuaGirl cards

Today we release the last show of Izzy, blonder than ever in a highly sexy dress that makes her look like a bird or a butterfly !

Make sure you don’t miss the last show of Blake Eden, naughtier than ever, naked under a transparent black shirt with a lovely fur hood. Blake said it has been a delight to shoot with us, let’s hope she’ll come back soon…

e0285 Izzy/Magnificent Monarch
e0316 Blake Eden/Bond Girl

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3 new VirtuaGirl cards

Tricia Teen is a Majestic Beauty that likes being treated like a queen. Wine her, dine her and get ready for her to treat you like a king with her body when you take her home!

Anya Ivy is as luscious as a Georgia Peach. She’s got curves in all the right places and you’ve got to see how she can bounce that fine booty of hers as she takes it all off.

A model like Alexa Tomas is like White Gold. She is model beautiful with tiny tits and a taut tummy. Alexa prides herself on keeping her figure on point so that she can be your ultimate Virtua Girl fantasy.

e0295 Tricia Teen/Majestic Beauty
e0310 Anya Ivy/Georgia Peach
e0332 Alexa Tomas/White Gold

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Tricia Teen – Majestic Beauty

Tricia is a nineteen-year-old blonde beauty from Budapest Hungary. Tricia is a kind and caring person, which made her decide to pursue a career in nursing. But University is expensive and the lovely Tricia needed a way to pay for her studies. She started modeling nude for art students and found it thrilling to be naked in front of a crowd. Tricia expanded her repertoire to include wet t-shirt contests (which she won) and finally exotic dancing. Be sure to get a front row seat when this beauty takes the stage because she burns up the dance floor like no other! When Tricia isn’t dancing or studying for her boards, she enjoys going out to eat with friends and watching classic black and white movies in her pajamas with a bowl of popcorn. — HUNGARY, 36/28.4/35, BLOND, European

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Anya Ivy – Georgia Peach

Anya Ivy is a beautiful model that we found dancing in Los Angeles, CA. Her energy, spirit and exotic looks are enchanting and we had to have her for our very own, so that we could give her to you! Interesting fact, Anya is actually a professional executive assistant by trade! She has a 9-5 job working for a big CEO, but she gets off stripping on stage every night after hours. When she isn’t taking dictation or straddling a pole, Anya loves cooking and inviting friends over for movie nights. We know you are going to love Anya so show her some love! — UNITED STATES, 34/24/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Black

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Alexa Tomas – White Gold

Alexa Tomas is ready to turn you on. With her tiny tits, love of lingerie and cute accent, Alexa has all of her lovers eating out of the palm of her hand. Alexa strives to be the best dancer she can be and has traveled the world studying the art of erotic dancing. She loves the freedom to take her job anywhere in the world with her, but one day Alexa hopes to settle down and open her own adult toy shop. She tells us you can expect to see many of her personal favorites pop up in her striptease performances. — SPAIN, 31/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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Dakota – Taming Time

Dakota is a sassy beauty from Uzhgorod Ukraine and at 22 she already knows how to get what she wants. Dakota is a professional dominatrix and she takes on many clients and lovers because learning about peoples sexuality as well as their sexual preferences fascinates her. Expect to see a lot of leather, fishnet stockings and various floggers as Dakota takes the stage. Her stage presence definitely reflects her personality but there is more to Dakota than meets the eye. She is currently pursuing a degree in psychology and hopes to teach on the college level one day. Imagine what her office hours will be like! — UKRAINE, 34/28.1/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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1 new VirtuaGirl card

Dakota takes the stage with a riding crop in hand because it’s Taming Time.

Your job is to sit still and watch as she slowly takes everything off in a stage show set for your eyes only.

Dakota is into leather and foot worship, so this is going to be a wild ride that you will definitely want to download!

e0369 Dakota/Taming Time

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Megan Rain – Learning Curves

If you think you recognize Megan Rain, you probably do! Megan is a world famous porn star and we are thrilled to have her dancing for you here at Virtua Girl. Megan is from Las Vegas and like the city of lights, she lights up every stage she steps on. Megan takes charge when she dances. Her moves are big and bold and she likes looking right into the camera to grab and hold your attention. During her time off the stage, Megan enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends and shopping. Fashion is her passion and when she retires from the stage, she wants to design her own lingerie line. — UNITED STATES, 32/27.6/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

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